About us

Hello Everyone
This is an Anime online store, just in case you were wondering.
It's not about lint, and no... We know nothing about electricity please stop asking.
My none is Lesley, that dorkie looking girl next to me is my twin sister Jeanette
The Story of "US"...
It all began one warm summer day, who am I kidding , it was 45 Degrees with humidity at 60% in Perth. Jeanette my Twin, cops! I meant my dorkie Twin, got me addicted to ANIME, one show was all it took. Cowboy Bebop, HOOKED, HOOKED, HOOKED! there's no turning back.
Some background : Let's see.... we moved to Australia in 2008. We soon faced two challenges with this lovely addiction of anime.
I. There is not enough hours in the day to watch Anime -- Turning the clock back does not work...just saying.
2. That most of the anime merchandise being sold were knock -offs and we were being overcharged. What a bummer.
So we decide to adopt Naruto Uzumaki approach- 'No Matter What become Hokoge of the Leaf Village*
so we decided...
'No Matter what we'll Become Hokage of Amine Product? yeeeaaah were still working on the line. But you get the gist of it, right??? We'll only bring in - official licensed goodies - into the Village and fend off the Bad Guys. S0000000000 that's us in a nutshell, or a pod? You know the saying_ two peas in a pod, because we're twins! ha ha ha I Crack myself up. Okay, okay I'll stop, But only once you have told us What's you Favorite Anime. Send us a note below.