In Celebration of Mr Miyazaki Birthday in January we have put together this quick 5 DID YOU KNOW FACTS about Nausicaa the valley of the wind and of course it director and creator Mr Miyazaki


  1. That before the film was even created, it was actually a Manga series first. It had 7 volumes. It started out as sketches in his book and than an agreement was made with Miyazaki to turn it into a manga.
  2. Miyazaki declined Mr Yasuyoshi Tokuma suggestion / invitation to turn Nausicaa of the valley of the winds into a film adaption. Miyazaki did of course agree however on a condition that he is the one to direct it.
  3. The film pre-production began 31 May 1983 and the film was released on 11 March 1984
  4. The film grossed 1,48 billion yen at the box office and made 742 million yen in distribution sales. WOW !!
  5. Nausicaa of the valley of the winds is often considered as a Studio Ghibli Film however this is not true. As Studio Ghibli was only created in 1985 over a year later of its release.

5 Things you now know about Nausicaa valley of the wind and Mr Miyazaki. More post coming soon about Mr Miyzazki and Studio Ghibli.

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